miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Top of the world

   We were at the top of the world. Two people; two beings, or maybe just one. It was a special day, an extraordinary day. It was the happiest day of our story, but it also had to be the saddest, a devastating moment for our love, that casual love that appeared all of a sudden in our lives.
   At last, we were together, nothing could separate us. At the top of the world, you and me were invincible. We were two fishes in the water, two eagles on the wind, so attuned in their movements that no one could tell which was which and who was who.
   There wasn't much left to say, but we talked for hours and there were charming smiles, hugs and kisses. I took you by your weist, lifted you, and we flew away from everything,  and we turned until our senses disconnected.
   The universe decreased to the size of that hill in front of the sea, and humanity disappeared leaving us alone, together.
   We said goodbye with a long, sweet kiss. Our last one, calmly and with softness, our last dance to the music that, for some time, had been reverberating in our hearts.

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